A Wet Week With Friends

1 Dec

It was with great excitement that we headed toward the land of the big banana – Coffs Harbour, well Sawtell actually just a little further down the road. We were going to catch up with an old mate Lanky and his surprisingly beautiful family. Surprising because he is a very ugly man. We pulled in to the caravan park to see an insurance assessor valuing the damage to many caravans after a hail storm days earlier. This was the start of a week revolving around water.


Lanky put on a great feed for us Saturday morning before inviting us to his daughters day care christmas party, held at the water park of the big banana. It was absolutely pelting with rain but we hardly noticed. Archie went on the big slide about 37 times before running out of steam and Rosie went on it with dad, she was terrified but went on it again anyway.



We went on a day trip up the water fall way while we were in Sawtell and trecked a few k’s down to a waterfall called the Crystal Cascade. Rosie and Archie both did us proud on another walk before we finished the weekend with a home cooked lamb roast and a bath – a real treat for a family in a caravan. Thanks Lanky and Maebh.



lankys bath

We then headed a little further down the road to Crescent Head to meet up with the Louth’s. The Louth’s are great friends from home and Archie and Rosie had been counting down the days to catch up with Finn and Abby.


They arrived in time for an afternoon thunderstorm to soak their tents. Luckily the sun came out soon after to dry everything before bed time. The next day we hit the beach for some serious boogie boarding from Archie and Finn at a beautiful beach in the National Park. DSC08770

In the afternoon we hit the inlet which had a nice little surge at times which saw the boys and Rosie graduate to the surf board. We drifted with the tide and snorkeled over the rocks and the fish below. This became an afternoon ritual for a few days.






We also ventured up to South West Rocks to see the old Gaol at Trial Bay and hang out at Horseshoe bay for a few more waves and a picnic.




We took a quick detour past the Smoky Cape Lighthouse and Smoky Cape Beach where Darren’s Grandpa used to fish for Whiting.



Our down time was spent riding bikes and scooters around the van park, checking out the famous right hander off the point, having a few lazy drinks and playing lego and babies.


The rain returned Friday and we found an indoor play centre in Port Macquarie. But it didn’t let up in the afternoon and the forecast did not look good so the Louth’s opted for a motel room because they did not fancy sleeping in snorkels.

The week ended far too quickly and we appreciate the Louth’s coming so far to hang out with us. A few of the Grey Nomads in the van park commented on how well all the kids got on and how lovely they were to be around. We think so!

The kids coped with the confinement in a small van – not sure about Jon? xx



6 Responses to “A Wet Week With Friends”

  1. Matt December 1, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Bugger about the weather and shame Lanky’s turned so ugly – he was a beautiful man when I knew him, but perhaps that’s just what you think when someone bowls fastest at you. Just a short drive home now – are you sad?

  2. Glen December 1, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

    Stay out of the surf please 😦

  3. aussietnt December 1, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    Stay safe – enjoy the time you have left to explore!

  4. Claire December 1, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    We hear your pain with the rain!! We spent the rainy Friday watching Star Wars movies then hanging out at Kmart playing with light sabers! Gave Father Christmas a few ideas! A good effort for Chris, who NEVER goes to the shops… EVER!!! Hope you enjoy the next leg! We’re in Port Stephen now and happy to see the sun shining again!

    • shakeandmif December 2, 2013 at 8:50 am #

      Sunshine today yippee. Now to find a beach with surf and no sharks! Hope u r all well

  5. Margy Reed December 2, 2013 at 9:54 am #

    Hi guys, I laughed so much reading the last two posts that I nearly wet my pants! Yamba is probably the only other place you would want to live , apart from Ulladulla. Do you think we could organise a water slide like that for the Centre’s Xmas party? If not we think we have Red Foo coming, so that’s a bit exciting!!!! The Louth’s looked like they had a ball with you, except Jon did look a little worse for wear. Hope the rest of your trip is fab, look forward to seeing you all soon. Love, Margy and all the kids at UCC xx

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