The Goldy

11 Nov

We have spent the last 9 days living it up on the 27th floor of the Focus Apartments in Surfers Paradise. Focus is on the Esplanade and right across the road from the beach, so we had a magnificent view of the ocean. We could check surf conditions by rolling out of bed every morning and looking out the window. Focus also had a beautiful pool and a nice little spa to bring the body temp back up after hours in the water. We have to thank the Masons for organising this week and putting up with us and a special thanks to Tina’s Uncle David who owns the 3 units we stayed in.



 As relaxing as this all sounds it was still a pretty hectic few days. We managed to fit in 4 days of theme parks, Melbourne cup festivities and Kris’ birthday.


Kris is a quiet, sensible and mature father……NOT! He still thinks sluggoes/budgie smugglers are appropriate beachwear and he is quite happy to strut around in them for hours after swimming. A least he wears a subtle colour.



Kris’ birthday fell on Melbourne Cup Day this year so it was quite a celebration. We did our best to indoctrinate the kids into gambling with a ‘winner takes all’ sweep. The Italian Au Pair took the winnings so the kids hated her for the rest of the week. (Not really – thanks Robby, Rosie misses you)



We hit Sea World first. The shows were pretty impressive and we had a fairly heated pirate war in Castaway Bay. Mason’s 1 – Stevos 0.  It was actually fantastic fun. Archie and Darren took on the whole crowd and came out absolutely soaked. The kids then played on the massive pirate ship for ages.



Next up was MovieWorld. Mif took Archie on the Scooby Doo ride first and it was that scary that Darren doubted we would get him on another ride all day. So we headed to the little kids section to get his confidence and trust back. Archie loved the pathetic little Dodgem cars and we got him on the smallish-but fast enough roller coaster.

rose and wonderwoman


 Last of the parks was Wet and Wild. This has heaps of different water slides, wave pools and a water park. We spent all day here. Archie went on whatever he was allowed, he patiently queued for 45 minutes to ride the Constrictor with dad and went backwards for most of it. He went on the 8 lane racer about 6 times and commandeered a high pressure water cannon for about an hour until forcefully removed by Mif. Rosie also went on one of the huge green water slides after queueing for 40 minutes then almost backing out. She was encouraged (with a gentle hand in the back) by Mif, but loved the ride. A very brave girl. We ended the day with a good family soaking on the log ride.

There are some great rides at these parks but the queues are ridiculous at times. We only went on weekdays but there were kids everywhere. We would hate to see these places on the weekend or worse school holidays! We actually went back to Movieworld twice in the afternoon so the kids could go on a few more rides.

The wild times continued at the Focus Apartments with a Gangnam style dance off (somewhat lamer than last time Miff was there for schoolies week!)


 Archie and Rosie fell in love with Maisie and have requested their very own toddler.

It was a great week of luxury but it still feels good to be back in the van!




One Response to “The Goldy”

  1. donnapmiles November 12, 2013 at 10:31 am #

    It all seems a long way from Winjana Gorge, doesn’t it? With regard to Budgie Smugglers – welcome to the new Australia. After the Federal election all the men in Ulladulla got some. Stevo you will have to fit in! The staff at UHS have all made great progress in surfing thanks to Pam. Something to look forward to.
    Love to you all, you wild things.

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