31 Oct

On our way down to Brisbane we made a slight detour to visit the Big Pineapple. This was once a thriving tourist attraction but is sadly now on its last legs. We had some pineapple ice cream and some milkshakes before moving on.DSC07995

We continued on to Everton Hills in Brisbane to catch up with some family friends. It turns out it had been ten years since we had seen the Mathiesons. It was great to catch up with Nicole and Iain and meet their kids Finley and Freya. The kids seemed to get on well although Rosie did throw a punch at Freya when she wouldn’t let her play with Benny her Koala. We set the van up out on the road and had our first night sleeping on the road. Not sure if it is legal but we did it anyway, we will take any freebie.


We left the van out the front, packed up the car and headed for Couran Cove on South Stradbroke Island. We had stayed here before for one of Mif’s work conferences and we were excited about returning. It is still fairly beautiful but there are parts that look like pretty run down and tired. We spent most of our days cruising round on our bikes, swimming in the pools, playing Wii, beachcombing and playing at the playground. Another great few days with Joan.




We then headed back to Brisbane for a couple more nights at the Mathieson’s. We spent a day in at Southbank, hanging out at the Science centre in the museum and at the lagoon before hiding from the rain in Max Brenner.





We are now in a van park in the Gold Coast. It’s good to be back in the van but not for long as we are meeting up with the Mason’s at Surfer’s on Saturday. Living it up in another Hotel room. We spent today fossicking for Thunder Eggs and visiting the Glow Worm Caves near Mt Tambourine. Archie loved his new weapon – the pick axe and Rosie loved her OH and S issue Gum boots.DSC08194



Tonight is Halloween, we  sent the kids out to trick or treat . They had a great time, met all our neighbouring vanners and are still on the sugar high.








One Response to “Brisbane”

  1. Matt October 31, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

    Great stuff – van parks would be ideal for Halloweening (best day of the year for paedos – kiddies come to you asking for lollies).

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