The Waves are Small but the Nippers are Pumping

7 Oct

A short drive down the road from Airlie is Mackay. We stayed on one of the town’s Northern beaches called Blacks Beach. It was a nice van park on yet another brown beach. Miff is bitching about the sand colour up this way, and Blacks Beach lived up to its name sadly.


We were moving on grand final day so we made sure we left early enough to leave ourselves plenty of time to set up the satellite and be ready for the first bounce. It took 2 hours of frustration and tension before we miraculously got the signal through the lovely shady trees (it’s always a toss up between shade and TV). All was well and Miff took the kids for a swim as Darren sat eagerly in front of Fox Footy. Sadly he found out it was only televised on free to air (which we don’t have!) What else could he do but ride around the van park and beg someone to let him watch. Some time later,  Miff rode round the corner to find Darren ensconced amongst 10 overweight van park residents, eating their nibbles and drinking their beer. Apparently he was allowed to watch if he wasn’t supporting Freo.

Mackay is another one of these towns to have a public lagoon. We hung out there for a few hours and the kiosk had the best chips and gravy, so Darren was happy.


We also visited a famous pub on the cliffs overlooking the ocean at Eimeo. It had an amazing view which we were fortunate to see. Over the last 9 months we have arrived at many places only to find one of the kids is shoeless, shirtless, hatless. Sure enough Archie forgot his shoes so we made him wear Rosie’s reef walkers. He was uncomfortable and embarrassed – hopefully a lesson there. Mind you, making him wear a purple shopping bag around Kakadu was also pretty bad when he forgot his shirt.

After a few days we headed down to Kinka Beach (near Yeppoon – near Rockhampton). On the way we passed the Capricornia caves and as hard as Darren tried to distract Miff as we passed the sign, we had to pay them a visit. They were pretty good actually.




The area around Yeppoon has some great beaches with rocky headlands and a few cute little estuaries. Darren has dragged the nipper pump around Australia and he heard that you could pump nippers at one of the estuaries so he dragged everyone along for a family pumping session. The kids absolutely loved it. Archie would spot them in the slurry and tell Rosie to pick them up. After hours doing this we had enough for an evening and morning fishing session.





The next morning Darren announced that he was going for a quick fish and Rosie said she was coming? So he reluctantly dragged her along. She ended up catching two big Bream all by herself and Darren got a nice Estuary cod. Rosie was very excited to catch dinner.

From here we headed down to the Town of 1770. The campground here is right on the beach. It faces the estuary and on the other side of the headland is Agnes Water – the most Northern surf beach on the east coast.



FYI the town is named 1770 as it was cook’s second stop in 1770 after Botany Bay.


We used the kayak to get across to our own private beach to pump some more nippers. This time Archie picked up a nice Whiting and played with it in the pools of water for about 2 hours before letting it go. The tide races out here so we headed back, three of us on the kayak and Miff trailing behind on the boogie board. We got about 3 metres into our journey before abandoning. Miff conned some bloke into giving her and the kids a lift back in his boat while Darren braved the crossing.

We also buried a treasure here for cousins Taylah and Cameron. We hope it survives a year underground?



Darren has also developed a habit of acquiring hand outs. Him and his mate Scotty must have looked so pathetic chasing little whiting in front of the camp site that a couple of blokes gave them half a Spanish Mackerel. We had a beautiful Laksa for dinner that night with a few steaks left over.


1770 is a beautiful place and its been great to see waves again finally. We are glad the school holidays are over and van parks wont be crazy busy and over priced. Off to Hervey Bay tomorrow.


 Editors note – some keys and capitals on our laptop have ceased to work.


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