Whitsunday Region

27 Sep

We left Townsville and headed South with a short detour to see Groper Creek. We decided it was far too full of even more tragic fisherman than us and not really suitable for kids. Bowen on the otherhand is home of the half sucked mango! True to form we were outside mango season but our trip did coincided with the annual Bowen fishing competition. The fishing comp attracts all sorts. Our caravan park was full of cashed up bogans and ferals from the mines in Mackay. Darren had serious boat envy and we witnessed some different approaches to raising kids. I guess swearing at and threatening 2 year olds works for some???


Thankfully we can tick off another big fruit in our spotto book!

Bowen is actually quite beautiful. It has some if the most beautiful beaches in Australia (and we have seen some nice ones). This was not what we expected. Horseshoe Bay and Kings Beach were absolutely perfect. We had awesome weather again and Archie and Rosie splashed about in the warm crystal clear waters while Darren threw a cast net with some Aboriginal bloke but failed to catch dinner with rod and reel. Oh well, the freezer is still full from Mission Beach.



There has been an obvious effort to beautify Bowen and make it more family friendly. The esplanade on front beach is great for bike riding, there is a new skate park and a water park which is great for kids (and dads).



The fishing festival itself was fairly impressive. There was art and craft, plastic fish throwing, carnival rides (with some quite normal looking carnies) and a lolly drop from a helicopter, where 200 kids took off into the water when the lollies were dropped. A parents worst nightmare!


The local uni had captured some turtles to be tested, tagged and released in front of the crowd. Hope they managed to avoid all the plastic lolly wrappers in the water.


We also had a night out at the heritage listed cinema in Bowen. It turned out to be a private screening of planes. We all loved it.


We rolled out of Bowen and headed for Airlie Beach. Airlie has a fantastic man-made lagoon on the beachfront, so we hung out here most days and caught up with some friends we had met along the way. We had an entertaining dinner at the backpackers pub; They didn’t do kids meals but Archie’s calamari came with a free beer?

airlie lagoon

Rosie is a fairly determined little girl. She has decided that she wants to ride a bike like Archie and has been practicing round the van parks. Anyway Mif pushed her off at the netball courts over the road and away she rode! Looks like a bike for her birthday!


Airlie is the departure point for the Whitsundays so we felt like we should spend at least one night on an island. We decided to check out Daydream Island. This has an unreal kids playground, heaps of pools and a coral lagoon with sharks, rays and heaps of fish.


We lazed about in hammocks, and swam for hours before retiring to real beds in a room where we didn’t need to share the bathroom! We pigged out at the free breakfast the next morning and Archie lined up for 25 minutes for this pancake to come out of the pancake machine. Thankfully the second one was a bit better.


Time to move on tomorrow – headed to Mackay.


3 Responses to “Whitsunday Region”

  1. aussietnt September 29, 2013 at 8:14 am #

    Sounds like you’re getting closer every day. Love the Bowen photos. Find a platypus in the rainforest behind MacKay and enjoy Sarina beach for us. Have fun!

  2. The Goodwins September 30, 2013 at 6:45 pm #

    Hey guys, we all love reading your posts and pls tell Archie that Owen is SOOOOOO looking forward to seeing his friend when you get home, he keeps asking how many days until x-mas as he thinks thats when he’ll see him. Your adventures have been so inspiring and we definitely have travel envy! Let us know if there is anything we can do b4 you get home. Lots of love, The Goodwins!

  3. Matt September 30, 2013 at 9:15 pm #

    Gosh – you’re getting closer to home so quickly! Rosie’s a legend to be riding a bike!

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