A Week with the Wilsons

12 Jul

There is so much to do in Darwin. The weather is perfect (32-36 degrees) and there are a heap of free, kid-friendly entertainment options.

We are staying at a great caravan park in Howard Springs. It has everything we could hope for… grass, 3 pools, jumping pillow, water park and lots of friends to play with.



Our friends, the Wilson’s, arrived and it was straight to the famous Mindil Markets. There was good food everywhere, street performers, the kids loved the drumming monkeys, (not real monkeys, there are some rules in the Territory) and a lovely sunset to finish things off.




The Beer can Regatta was also on and we checked it out. It was pretty lame actually.


We caught up with some new friends at the Wave pool and we all loved it. One of the benefits of having the kid with the turtle swimming cap is that supervision is easy. You can see him a mile away. Archie caught his first few waves on a Boogie Board and had great fun playing hide and seek with his new friend Flynn.



We did the obligatory ‘jumping crocs’ cruise and were very impressed. We described what was going to happen to Rosie and she asked if we could sit inside. Having said that, she wasn’t the slightest bit scared. One of the biggest crocs was called Archie!



Archie, Rosie and Tess got on brilliantly. Tess was torn between superheroes with Archie or Babies with Rosie. She managed to share herself well.


Darren also took Archie to the speedway for a father and son outing. Archie thought the cars were pretty boring but he got a blue Lightsaber so he was very happy. Mif, Anne-Marie, Rosie and Tess then went out for a girls outing. The mum’s had a pedicure and the girl’s got their fingernails done.


We spent a few days in the Litchfield National Park . Archie loved the Lost City and there was some great swimming holes to cool off in. Florence Falls and Wangi Falls were beautiful.







Tess’ birthday is in a few days so we had a practise run with a Dora cake.


On a sad note. Archie parked his bike at the front of the car and we (Mif) ran over it. It was bent in about 13 places so it was a right off. A quick visit to Target put the smile back on Archie’s face.


The Wilson’s have headed back to a cold and wet Ulladulla after a quick visit to the museum and lunch in Fannie Bay. It was great to spend time with some familiar friendly faces from home and we appreciate them sacrificing their holidays to visit us (and sleep in a tent!).

We are going to hang around in Darwin for another week. The water parks and the weather are amazing and we still have some sights to see.


5 Responses to “A Week with the Wilsons”

  1. Claire July 12, 2013 at 10:00 pm #

    Super envious of this amazing journal you have created for your kids. I love this blog Mif. Am motivated to travel by your blog. P. S I was born in Fannie Bay; have always wanted to visit. Very jealous! 😊Did Jas mention how much he is missing the head start gang? Look forward to having you back Stevo. X

  2. Carly July 12, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

    Didn’t let the team down, another exciting update, every time i read one i wish I was there even more. Glad you had a nice Wilson catch up. Those lucky ducks!! Picked the perfect place to catch up by the sounds of that weather cause mate… It’s fucking cold here! Xxx

  3. aussietnt July 13, 2013 at 7:34 am #

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Darwin and had a great catch up! Didn’t know there was so much to do there – will have to get some tips. Thanks for the story and the photos – still awesome!

  4. Karen Lissa July 13, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    WOW.. Never been to Darwin. Will have to go now. Looks amazing. You could sell your blog to Australian tourism as it’s so informative. I’ve really enjoyed reading it and have been taking notes for our adventure in 3 years time. Really cold down here..been down to 4 degrees C at night. The fire’s been going overtime. Back to school on Monday 😦 Look forward to future updates.

  5. donnapmiles July 13, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

    We have had some fabulous weather this week. No really! It’s been sunny and warm during the day but pretty bloody cold at night. My fire has been having a work out at night too. Sunrises and sunsets have been stunning. Am I making you even slightly homesick? I had a really lovely walk up Pigeonhouse with Nat and Jonny.
    Do you have any interest in the cricket? Sir Ashton has been making it quite exciting.
    Oh yeah, back to school Monday. I’m ready.
    See you soon guys – you must be close to half way.

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