To Broome

31 May

We left Port Hedland and headed up to the much anticipated fishing haven of 80 mile Beach. This proved to be a beautifully ‘grassed’ caravan park just behind the dunes. Unfortunately it blew hard for three days. The fishing was rubbish, but the shell collecting, combined with the acquisition of  a glue gun, meant the days were spent making little creatures and making friends. Archie outdid himself here, he had two new mates in the van before Darren had unhooked. We set up the tele outside and had a nice crowd around for dinner to watch the swans thump Collingwood.





With promises of greener pastures up the road we headed up to Port Smith. This was an amazing little estuary system with 10 metre tides! Archie and Rosie are swimming at the top of the tide here. A few hours after this you can safely drive out past the mangroves for a fish. Darren caught a nice 4 foot shark at low tide so we were sceptical about swimming here after that.


A hidden little goat track took us on a long drive parallel to the coast. We popped out on some spectacular cliffs and went for a walk out on the rock platform. The top of those cliffs are 1 metre above the water at high tide. We found sea slugs, crabs, clams and 7 octopi.





Mif and Archie were nailed by the Sandflies at Port Smith so we moved a little further up the road to Broome. We can’t believe we are in Broome! We actually drove from Ulladulla to Broome. Still a long way to go but Broome is a major milestone for us. We rolled into town a little earlier than expected. Being here early meant we were just in time for the staircase to the moon. Most of the friends we had met in recent times were at the Mangrove Hotel, so it was a great night culminating in a magnificent spectacle.


The next night we drove down onto cable beach for sunset drinks with a bit of soccer and kid launching thrown in.



Archie and Rosie decided they wanted to go on the Camels so Mif got on with them and went for a little cruise up and down the beach. It was really fun and Arch sang all the way (thankfully 30mins only)



We squeezed Arch and Rosie into the local daycare for a couple of days. They enjoyed the variety of toys and activities and we got to have some child free moments. Miff spent her quality time at Matsos brewery with some girlfriends and Darren got to go on a Fishing Charter. He finally got to hear and feel the scream of the reel as he caught a couple of nice Spanish Mackerel. They were launching out of the water at the lures and they even lost a few fish to shark attacks. Plenty of tasty fish in the freezer now.


We still have a lot to do in Broome. The races are tomorrow and we have just discovered the Water Park at Roebuck Bay. We’ve caught up with Glen’s mate Dellar and are hoping to locate Mif’s cousin.


4 Responses to “To Broome”

  1. Matt May 31, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

    Fantastic trekkers. Beautiful sunset. Be ware/where the camel spits (and he was) – always reminds me of Nan. Are the migratory wading birds in at Roebuck Bay? Have you been to the bird observatory? Too cool.
    Thanks for the piccy of a whale shark Archie – it’s got pride of place on our fridge (a big thing given the prolific artwork production team we have). I would have been producing maltesers if I was in the line of a big shark like that.

  2. Guy Sheppard June 1, 2013 at 8:30 am #

    Beautiful Broome, well done you four. Loved the whale shark pics and these sun set ones too! Don’t miss the museum in Broome, it looks tired and Lacey from outside but it’s full of the stories of divers and Japanese bombings! Ask the locals if the Spanish mackerel in this area has ciguatera poisoning, it’s not something four in a van would want to have! Two on a yatcht was not nice! Have fun for us too please! Eve and Guy

  3. donnapmiles June 1, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    It’s always exciting to see the new post from No Fixed Address. Loved the photo of stairway to the moon. Did you time your arrival carefully or was it just a little piece of serendipity that seems to ride on your left shoulder.

    I have had heaps of trouble trying to reply to your blogs but may have resolved the problem! As long as you know that I read them with relish!

    Love to you all.

  4. aussietnt June 10, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    Amazing sunset – that flying child photo will be precious forever. Love the Spanish – beaut to eat as well!

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