Extra Exmouth

13 May

Before we left the Exmouth area, we wanted to spend some time on the Western side of the Cape Range National Park. So Joan hired a camper van and off we tootled for 5 days of bush camping. Here is our first campsite (note the kids usual outfits)


Unfortunately the weather turned bad and on our first night we were hit with rain and extremely strong winds. We survived unscathed but our chances to snorkel on more of the Ningaloo reef were dashed. Nevertheless, this gave us heaps of time to explore the amazing gorges, mangrove areas, bird hides and do some more fishing!


We ventured up one of the unchartered gorges and found dozens of rare black-footed rock wallabies. As Archie scaled the terrifying cliffs we were able to get very close to these cute creatures.



We moved our camp down to Yardie Creek where we explored the beautiful gorge from the top and from water level on a cruise. Archie is quite the rock climber and was always there to help Mardi using his safety ropes. 

DSC04336 DSC04355 DSC04390 DSC04402

We did the long drive from Exmouth to Point Samson on Mothers Day! and are now exploring the mining areas of the Pilbara.




One Response to “Extra Exmouth”

  1. Matt May 13, 2013 at 11:33 pm #

    Glad you had Mother’s Day there – we didn’t see the reminder adverts here so did no celebration – poor Gina & Mardi.

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